Brand story

In Cologne, Germany, in 2021, a group of friends who have known each other for many years talked about the hair problems they faced after turning 30 years old. The story of IVYBEARS® began...

At that time, the founder and CEO of IVYBEARS® had been researching with friends the hair problems faced by people over 30 years old. They all agreed that there is currently no effective solution to problems such as thinning and dry hair. Most hair care products or nutritional supplements on the market have too many artificial traces and have a biased taste. And, who wants to take pills regularly?

Later, the founder was inspired by the taste and shape of the popular gummy bears, and spent many years experimenting to condense the effects of biotin and vitamin hair supplements into convenient, delicious and effective capsules. In gummy bears.

After three years of research and development, the first gummy bear formula rich in vitamins was finally developed and launched on the market in 2015.

IVYBEARS® hair vitamins for women and men help hair grow healthily, giving it a natural luster from the inside out.

Today's IVYBEARS® Beauty Vitamin Gummies not only have hair-nurturing effects, but also have successively launched Vitality Beauty Gummy Bears , which can effectively brighten skin color, regain skin vitality, promote the natural regeneration of skin, restore supple and fresh skin, and achieve plumpness. Level of detail. IVYBEARS® Golden Immunity Gummies contain zinc, multiple vitamins and biotin, which can effectively enhance immunity and strengthen the body's immune barrier ; IVYBEARS® Sleep Stress Relief Gummy Bears have been proven to effectively reduce stress and promote natural sleep ; and IVYBEARS® Energy- boosting gummy vitamins to energize your day and increase focus.

We always stand by IVYBEARS® Concept: Safe and nutritious snacks, full of energy!